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What is : Vortex (definition) – an enhanced energy site that facilitates mind-body healing, creative thinking and inner clarity.

'The Vortex’ Activated Tonics | Juices | Smoothies | Coffee Is a new elevated Herbal Tonics Bar Concept designed to activate and elevate your body‘s healing abilities.
Our preparation techniques activate the nutritional and energetic characteristics of powerful Adaptogenic superplants and superfoods. By consuming activated ingredients their nutritional and healing benefits are being fully unlocked and absorbed by the body.
Why Activated ?
By combining powerful Adaptogenic herbs and super plants according to ancient traditions and proportions they activate each other. In addition we add to our recipes a proprietary blend of high vibrational super flowers, a hint of magic and a lot of love :-)
Chief Activating agent
Proprietary Hand crafted ultra high vibrational substance that assists the Activation process in our Recipes. It contains Rose Vibes,Shilajit, Love, Magic and some other powerful ingredients.
A secret Ingredient
It’s not enough to just have the right ingredients. One must study them to such a degree so that it becomes an intimate experience. Proportions and blending techniques passed down through generations of ancient master herbalists are as important ingredients as the herbs themselves. Luckily our activated Tonics and Different Adaptogenic Blends have been hand crafted in small batches by a certified master herbalist.

Our Story

Rehmannia is a Taoist Tonic Herbalist and has been initiated in the 5000 year old Gate of Life lineage from China.
He is a practitioner of Tonic herbal alchemy for longevity and empowerment of the body/mind/spirit.
After completing an eight-year traditional apprenticeship, his teacher entitled him Superior Herbalist. Rehmannia and his teacher are the only persons in the western world to hold titles in their lineage, and because of this, Rehmannia feels entrusted and duty-bound to uphold the wise traditions and integrity of these ancient herbal teachings. Rehmannia was the original alchemist at Erewon's elixir bar in Hollywood, and innovated many aspects of elixir making.

Rehmannia's formulas have been designed based on the ancient Chinese Gate of Life lineage; this is one of the reasons why they stand out compared to other herbal products. Another reason is Rehmannia's innovation within the tradition to create herbal formulations that address the challenges of our modern world - stress, pollution, genetic deterioration, and our quest for finding spiritual expression.

SOURCING: Rehmannia's herbs are grown in regions of Northern Manchurian China which are similar in geography to New Hampshire or Vermont and designated as Biospheres by the UN. The herbs are extremely clean and free of metals, chemicals, and other pollutants.

As we move into a new age, Rehmannia has designed the most sophisticated formulas of his herbalist career introducing pure, excipient-free, 10:1 powdered herbal extracts (containing zero fillers or bulking agents). He also innovated bulk powdered extracts to stir into hot water for tea. He pioneered the use of bamboo (high in silica) to prevent caking (hardening) of the powders, and I introduced Shilajit and ORMUS as additions and enhancers of his formulas. Shilajit is the top Rasayan in Ayurvedic practices and is undoubtedly the most health-bestowing substance on Earth. Shilajit is composed of concentrated mineral and humic remains of primeval forests (entire ecosystems) and is said to contain 125 elements. His Shijalit is sourced in the high Himalayas, and is in the traditional Triphala blend, as used by Indian Sufi mystics. ORMUS was taken by Egyptian Pharaohs as a longevity tonic; urns containing ORMUS have been found in Egyptian tombs. ORMUS is thought to be a “dedication device” existing at the threshold between energy and matter. These ingredients act as amplifiers of the tonics' beneficial effects.

Rehmannia has designed exclusively for the Vortex his signature elixirs for longevity, beauty, metabolism support, endurance, sexual
vitality, replenishment, adaptability to stress, and spiritual fortitude. Please enjoy these ancient-yet-modern healing supertonics at our facility.
Rehmannia is also an accomplished musician and visual artist